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About The Residency

The Listen Inn is a new audio artist residency in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

It is dedicated time and space to work on an audio-based project with opportunities for editing and feedback, group critique, artist presentations, guest lectures, and public listening events like Radio Campfire.


The Listen Inn is in its first iteration and currently has two programs: an on-site week-long residency in our home for producers and audio artists from far away, and a longer "low residency program" for audio-makers in southeast Michigan. 


There is no cost to do a Listen Inn residency, aside from your transportation to get here. For the week-long residency, you get yourself here and we'll provide your workspace, lodging, and food at our house for the week that you’re a resident. We also have a small and simple recording room, a big monitor to work on, mixing speakers, and various recording equipment.


While we get The Listen Inn off the ground, the residency is currently open by invitation and nomination. But please sign up for updates if you're interested in a future residency opportunity!


The Listen Inn is run by Juliet Hinely and Narooz Soliman.

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